The book is laid out in an easy-to-use, practical format:

Part 1 – Discovery (What you need to know)

  • A Prenuptial Mandate?
  • History and Overview of Prenups
  • The Power of the Prenup
  • The Impact of Secular Law
  • What Does God Want for You?

Part 2 – Practical Application (How to get it done)

  • How To Put It All Together
  • What To Include
  • How To Get It Done
  • Final Thoughts

Part 3 – Preparation Exercises (Building material)

  • Writing Your Marriage Vows
  • What Will Your Lives Count For?
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Writing Your Statement of Faith
  • Financial Planning
  • Keeping In-Laws from Becoming Out-Laws
  • Do Your Really Mean “For Better or Worse”?
  • Tale of Two Households
  • What Are You Going To Do about This?


  • Here Comes The Bridegroom
  • The Chemistry of Love
  • As It is Written, so Shall It Be Done!
  • What Is Divorce and Family Fragmentation Costing You?
  • Sample Christian Prenuptial Agreement