Should a Christian Have a Prenup?

Scriptural Basis

God had the plan back in the Garden, both for marriage and for the redemption of His Bride, the church. God wrote His prenup with us in the form of the Bible. Is it not incumbent upon us to write our prenup with our spouse to demonstrate our desire to honor God and to honor our spouse?

Scripture says:

  • We must honor our covenants and vows
  • We are not to be conformed to this world.
  • We are to follow God’s laws and precepts for marriage.

Why would we not declare this in a written document?

Legal Basis

Glenn Curran, a Christian attorney in Fort Lauderdale, wrote this:

“When a Christian lives in a land that has laws that are, or may become contrary to Scripture, and when that Christian is allowed to avoid those laws in favor of scriptural laws and precepts by merely writing them down and signing them, does that Christian not have a duty to do so?”

Nuf said.