Warren A. Gage, Th.M., J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament, Knox Theological Seminary

Marriage is the most wonderful gift God gives us in this life because it is the most intimate and most lasting relationship we have.  Because it can bring the greatest pleasure, its breakdown can likewise bring the greatest pain.  The decision to marry is so significant that it requires the most deliberation and prayerful consideration of anything we do.  Patricia Hartman has blessed us with a thorough examination of the many, many individual questions that should be asked and answered by any couple contemplating marriage.  It is a book that will be immensely useful to pastors and laypeople alike.  Mrs. Hartman is a CPA as well as being certified in many prominent premarital and marriage education programs.  She is happily married to a pastor and has a wide circle of professional friends who have advised her on various aspects of this book.  I predict a wide audience for her counsel.  Many couples will be better informed and likely much happier by considering the deep aspects of marriage that this book urges all of us to consider.  If you are contemplating marriage, read this book before saying “I do”!

Gregory D. Miseyko

Toss out your preconceptions of pre-nups. Before reading this book, I dismissed them as “planing to fail before walking the aisle.” Patricia Hartman’s startling explanation of Christian Prenuptial agreements changed my mind in five minutes. Without an agreement, state laws and civil judges govern marriage and arbitrate divorce. Why not define the terms of your marriage by the Bible? God conveyed His covenants in writing, so why not write our own marriage agreements to resemble Biblical covenants? Every Christian approaching marriage and those who want to solidify a good marriage should carefully work through this guide from a most thoughtful CPA.

Daniel W. Houmes, M.A., M.Ed., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Trisha has effective and timely guidance in helping a married again couple make it their last marriage. If couples went through the legal and Biblical aspects of marriage through a prenuptial viewpoint, they would not get married as quickly or seriously work through many of the issues that are presented. I believe this book is vital for many people.

William J. Shannon, Jr. (President of SPI Connects and founder of the Marriage Institute (coming to Orlando, FL)

I finished your manuscript and enjoyed it thoroughly! It will make couples feel they’re drinking out of a fire hydrant, which is needed. So many of these marriages start by being intoxicated with, “we love each other”. What does the Bible say, “We need to count the cost” and your book gives all of us the tools. Both for new couples considering marriages along with those who need to be reminded and probably most of all educated on what they’ve entered into… Again, fabulous job! You have honored The Lord and those who need to be educated on what marriage really is.

Karen M. Zann, Esq.

Wow! What an undertaking… It is really powerful! This is sooooo needed. There is just so much SUBSTANCE to it! GREAT JOB!


All your points are really valid for whatever stage of life you’re in, whether you’re single, seriously dating or engaged or even married right now and whatever number marriage you may be in or between. Your question and conversation starters are really very good. Very good. I think all that would read it would be blessed!

Laurin Makohon Greco, Editor, YW Magazine

You did a phenomenal job on this book. Great, great work.


So…I have read your book twice. I was so overwhelmed the first time that I had to read it a second time. Overwhelmed because it has so much (really good) information but mostly, the thought of going through all the questions/answers/thoughts/inquiries/heart & soul searching before getting married hit me like a ton of bricks. My first thought was (and you will find this FUNNY), “If only I had known”…”if only I had had someone teach me this 35 years or more ago…..”. Overwhelmed at the realization how little the majority of people really know, understand and take marriage seriously. If I am ever to consider getting married I am going right to that book first. I will tell you, I’ve never read anything like this, I loved it.