Should Christians Have Prenuptial Agreements?

Because I work in the divorce arena as a forensic CPA, many of my friends are divorce attorneys.

When I got married, most insisted, “You are going to have a prenup, aren’t you?”

As a good little Christian girl, I initially exclaimed, “No! Christians don’t have prenups.”

But I reconsidered and changed my answer to, “Yes, and our prenup is going to say, ‘If you leave me or cheat on me, I get everything.'”

They retorted, “No one would sign that.”

But isn’t that what we proclaim at the altar? Doesn’t that show that we are all in?

Should Christians have secular prenups? Nope.  They are little more than agreements to date.

Should Christians have a Christian Prenuptial agreement that raises the bar for marriage?  Absolutely. We should be all in. We should be willing to put what we say at the altar in writing. We should agree with God in our proclamation.



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