Ready to Plan Your Marriage?

What are you going to spend on your wedding?

Hundreds of hours?

Forbes did a survey of engaged women asking how much time they spent per week planning their wedding. 19% said 10 hours per week. 10% said 15 hours per week. 9% said 8 hours per week. If the average wedding is planned for 1 year, and you spend 10 hours per week planning, that’s 520 hours of wedding planning.

Thousands of dollars?

According to the Cost of Wedding website, the average wedding cost in the US is $25,200. Most of that cost is venue, catering and rentals for $11,230.

How long does a wedding last?

Say the church events last 1 hour and the reception/dinner lasts 4 for a total of 5 hours.

Breakdown per hour:

520 hours spent for a 5 hour event
$25,200 spent for a 5 hour event, or $5,040 per hour

How many hours of marriage?

Say you are planning a marriage to last a lifetime and that’s 50 years or 438,300 hours.

How much time will you invest in planning your marriage?
How much money will you invest in planning your marriage?

Which is more important… a one day event or a lifetime?

Planning a marriage means coming to a meeting of the minds over what you envision for your marriage. Are you on the same page? Do you have the same goals? Do you know what you want said of your marriage when you take your last breath?

Won’t you commit as many hours planning your marriage (a lifetime) as planning your wedding (a day)?

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